Book swap anyone? As an ExMuslim now, what I used to consider fiction is now nonfiction and vice versa. Most of these book titles obviously do not exist, but growing up as a Muslim, it definitely seemed like these were real.

Haram Doodle: Muslim vs. ExMuslim Library

ExMuslim Library | Fiction
The Holy Quran, Heaven vs. Hell, Before Islam: An Uncivilize World; The Prophet's Epic Ride to Heaven; Intelligent Design; Adam's Ribs: Origin of Women; Cave Revelations; Creationism; Miracles of Islam; Angels vs. Satan; Super Authentic Hadith; Jins & Sins; 4 Wives, 72 Virgins, & Unlimited Slaves; The Universe in 6 Days.

Muslim Library | NonFiction
NonMuslims & ExMuslims; Apostasy & How to Leave Islam; Science; Mulsim Slave Trade; Human Rights; Feminism & Women's Rights; LGBTQ+ & Trans Rights; Big Bang Theory; Dinosaurs; Critical Thinking; Evolution & Natural Selectio; Reasoning with Curiosity & Empathy; Islam is a Cult; Male-Sunni-Muslim Supremacy