haramdoodles.com is a collection of haram (forbidden) doodles created by an ExMuslim Atheist in solidarity with courageous ExMuslims who leave Islam.

These haram doodles are lovingly made to deconstruct (examine) this 7th century man-made cult for men from the human and social justice points of view. And, they are publicly available in protest of Islam's strict restrictions on freedom, gender, sexuality, critical thinking, science, art and life itself - those very reasons why Muslims leave Islam.

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Who are these ExMuslims?

ExMuslims are regular people, LGBTQ+, women and men like you and me, who  no longer believe or follow Islam. We are called a murtad (an apostate, one who gives up faith) in Arabic. ExMuslims leave for various reasons, like women and LGBTQ personally experiencing gender bias, misogyny, sexism, patriarchy and homophobia in Islam. Many of us start feeling extremely suspicious and things not making sense along our journey out of Islam, especially when we're told we can't ask questions, be curious or think critically. On our  journey out of Islam, ExMuslims may become athesits, agnostics and sometimes convert to other religions.

ExMuslims and atheists are considered perhaps one of, if not, the worst enemy of Islam for leaving Islam or disbelieving in Allah. Apostasy and blasphemy in Islam are not ok and punishable, even by death depending on the country. Since the dawn of Islam and over time, Islamic leaders and governments have institutionalized hate and harm for anyone who challenges Islam, including ExMuslims and Atheists, through Islamic laws, beliefs and practices.

Check out this persecution map tracking "hate and violence motivated by Islamic intolerance" from the ExMuslims of North America.

ExMuslims are not safe, especially from the very Muslims who are indoctrinated to hate, ostracize, and even harm us. Muslims will take it upon themselves to actively shut down any critique of Islam, calling it "islamophobia", and can be intolerant, hateful and violent towards ExMuslims and atheists, just for not believing. Muslims take it extremely personally if and when we speak up about: our journey leaving Islam; when we try to deconstruct Islam; our collective and individual religious trauma; the inequities, illogical explanations, inequalities and challenges in Islam; absurd, nonsensical beliefs; archaic 7th century practices; and harmful Islamic culture. They'll also question why we can't let go of Islam if we no longer believe? Well, we speak up about Islam beacuse collectively and honestly, ExMuslims just want to be safe, live in dignity, be free to leave Islam without any hate or harm.

Islam has literally been stuck since the powerful, privileged and patriarchal men of 7th century Arabia came up with this religion for men and their benefits. And now in 2022, Muslims refuse to make changes, or even let people criticize or challenge the religion, be themselves or leave peacefully. These haram doodles are created to raise awarness of ExMuslims, and in hopes of a world where people are not hurt for questioning, disbelieving and leaving Islam.

Why is it haram to draw or paint faces or people in Islam, especially none of Allah or any of the prophets?

Aniconism in Islam, or the absence of living beings in art, exists in hadith, because apparently Mohammed said so to some guy in the 7th century who passed it on to some other guy who wrote it down.

Mohammed was afraid of idolatory at the time he was forcing everyone around him to become Muslim. And now, in the 21st century, some Muslims have taken the "no drawings of Mo or people" rule way too far. One of the unfortunate downsides to this artistic restriction in Islam is that Muslims end up taking away a child's curiosity and imagination to dream and create with a sense of humanity, while restricting adults to never explore art to its fullest glory. Heck, it's even caused Muslims to enact violence to defend aniconism in Islam (i.e. Charlie Hebdo).  

Narrated Said bin Abu Al-Hasan:
Said bin Abu Al-Hasan narrates a conversation between a panicked man who makes his living by making pictures with Ibn 'Abbas. Ibn 'Abbas relays the message heard from the Prophet that whoever makes a picture will be endlessly punished by Allah until he is able to put life into it - though he declared that would never be possible. The Hadith reports Ibn 'Abbas further advised the panicked man to make pictures of trees and any other inanimate objects.
— Muhammad al-Bukhari, Sahih al-Bukhari
Reference (English Book) Vol. 3, Book 34, Hadith 428
Reference (Arabic Book) Book 34, Hadith 172