People are free to join Islam, but they're definitely not free to question, disbelieve or leave Islam. No matter what. That's actually a major sin, and one that comes with major consequences in our Muslim families and communities. Even death.

We were once Muslims. Yet, we still left Islam and we're here today as ExMuslims. And, we will not be silenced until every person is free to live without Islam! #ExMuslimMonth

Yes this is right after the "Muslim Month" aka islamophobia awareness month in November and we will start making some noise ahead of December to bring attention to ExMuslims.

Did you know? The ExMuslim Subreddit was started on December 1, 2010!

What is #ExMuslimMonth?

Thanks to an apostate’s idea from the ExMuslim subreddit, a coalition of ExMuslims made up of content creators, organizations, infidels, murtads, blasphemers, and apostates from around the world are collectively launching an annual “ExMuslim Awareness Month” in December.

This ExMuslim Month is dedicated to raising awareness of ExMuslims, celebrating apostasy and dissent, and advocating for our freedom to leave Islam.

Get to know ExMuslims, learn more about our apostate lives, struggles, and experiences, and join us on our blasphemous journey out of Islam!

What can ExMuslims and allies do during #ExMuslimAwarenessMonth?

ExMuslims, especially in strict Muslim families and countries, please keep your safety in mind before you do any of the following.

  • Use 2022 Hashtags:
  • If you don't know about ExMuslims, drop everything, and Google “apostasy in Islam” or “ExMuslims” to learn more.
  • Follow, share, and amplify ExMuslim voices, stories and journeys on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and the ExMuslim subreddit).
  • Join a local ExMuslim organization or community, find one online like Reddit, Discord, or Telegram.
  • Donate or volunteer for an ExMuslim organization near you or online.
  • Find safe ways to advocate for ExMuslims online, in your family, among friends, in your community or even at the government level if you can vote or speak up about ExMuslims.

Why are we dedicating a month for ExMuslims?

No one should have to experience trauma for questioning or leaving their faith! Yet, blasphemy and apostasy are forbidden in Islam, and even punishable by death.

ExMuslims who dare to speak up or live life on their own terms are ostracized, shunned, hurt, persecuted, tortured, jailed, and even killed in strict Muslim families and countries. Support and resources are inaccessible, and the majority of us remain closeted about being ExMuslims for our own safety.

What can we collectively do with and for ExMuslims?

We must be able to speak up about the lack of freedom to leave Islam and the inequities and inequalities that unjustly hurt and harm people, especially women and LGBTQ. And, friendly reminder, criticizing Islam’s ideologies and beliefs does not mean ExMuslims are anti-Muslim. ExMuslims still have Muslim families, friends and loved ones and all we ask is for acceptance and belonging without Islam.

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