When will it ever be safe for me to come out of the closet as an ExMuslim? 😞

Muslims & Woke Regressive Leftists:
Blame the people, not Islam. Islam is perfect, and it’s peaceful. Your parents are shit, they never even taught you the real Islam. You never even studied Islam. You misunderstood Islam. You were never Muslim! It’s white colonialism’s fault. It’s your fault. Don’t talk bad about Islam!

Blame Islam (the system), not the people (stuck inside the system by fear and control)! Islam and its beliefs and practices are worth criticizing especially when they make Muslims want to hurt us, harm us, or even take access to safety, freedom or opportunities away from us. ExMuslim rights are women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and human rights. Let us live, leave and deconstruct in peace. Let us speak about our religious trauma from being raised under strict Islam. Let us come out of the closet as ExMuslims. Let us change the world for humanity’s sake!

This Haram Doodle for ExMuslim Month is brought to you by the inhumane Apostasy Police. 😤