While we ExMuslims advocate for our right and freedom to question and leave Islam, Muslims continue to gaslight and minimize our experiences.

Haram Doodle: ExMuslim Experience When We Question or Leave Islam

Questioning Muslim Woman: I don't think I can follow a religion after I experienced misogyny, sexism, homophobia, patriarchy, bigotry, violence and disregard for science, nature and critical thinking!
Muslim Woman: This is all culture, not religion. You don't even know Islam. Why don't you study Islam and be a better Muslim! May Allah guide you.
ExMuslim Woman: So, after studying and experiencing Islam, I decided I am an ExMuslim Atheist. Here's why I left Islam...
Muslim Woman (now angry): Death to apostates! Wait until you burn in hell! HAHA! Why are you so obsessed with Muslims? You're an Islamophobe! You're just a Hindu who hates Muslims!