Check out the five, I mean, six pillars of Islam! 😃

Muslims will dive head first into #whataboutism if and when we talk to them about Islam’s inequities and inconsistencies. They deflect, pivot, and are quick to change the topic so no one can ever talk “bad” about Islam. It’s exhausting and frustrating having conversations, yes, and it makes sense when we’re told as Muslims that Islam can’t change, will never change, is meant to be unchanged, and anyone who tries to change it or leave it deserves ridicule, a penalty and punishment. 😞

Special shout out to fellow ExMuslim @apostatealaddin for dedicating his time and effort in helping create videos that have helped so many of us ExMuslim. Check out “The Sixth Pillar of Islam” by Apostate Aladdin on YouTube.🙌🏽

Haram Doodle: 5, nay, 6 Pillars of Islam

  1. Shahadah: Declaration of faith “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger.” This is how the the seed of Muslim supremacy is planted.
  2. Salah: Prayers 5 times a day, every day, until you die or else you go to hell and are not a good Muslim. Deal?
  3. Zakah: Alms or charity giving, often about how much jewelry and property you own (which included enslaved people in Islam’s colonizing history)
  4. Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca aka Profit Mo’s Pilgrimage & Tourism Company, a very profitable business venture since the pagan Arab days with year over year growth in ROI for Saudi. It was smart of Mo to take over the business and make Allah, one of the many statues being prayed to, as the one true God of Islam.
  5. Sawn: Fasting, you know when we starve ourselves for 30 days from sunrise to sunset because we should know how impoverished people feel… but not the rest of the year, just one month of reflection and devotion to God.
  6. Whataboutism: Aka Mental Gymnastics. But but but what about the nuns who cover their hair with a hijab? What about China, they’re atheists which means you’re horrible people! What about the eye and evolution and creationism? What about, what about, what about. You get it!

Hypocrisy, Denial, Lying were close contenders for the #6 spot.