It seemed like anything and everything about me was shameful in Islam. And, this hit deep as I heard the same exact things from my Muslim mother and other elders in the family while growing up.

This doodle series is inspired by @yasmohammedxx’s book “Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam” - highly recommended for everyone, especially for women who are questioning Muslims or ExMuslims and can relate to Yasmine’s experiences.

Haram Doodle: Full Excerpt from Yasmine's Book

“To be a girl in a Muslim household has to be a fate worse than Hell. You are taught to be ashamed of everything you do, everything you are.

“Don’t laugh like that. You’re a girl!”
“Don’t sit like that. You’re a girl!”
“Lower your voice. You’re a girl!”
“Lower your eyes. You’re a girl!”

Girls are not ever allowed to look a man in the eyes. We have to keep our heads lowered like a dog to be reminded of our place as lesser than. It was endless. The word for shame was snapped at me in a loud whisper thousands of times throughout my childhood. “Eib! Eib!” It was the only word I heard more often than haram.”