Why do Muslim women wear hijab? Because they're indoctrinated and forced in Islam to believe we are sex objects that incite lustful urges in men to r*pe us so we must cover head to toe to compromise, uphold and perpetuate patriarchy, misogyny, and r*pe culture in the name of modesty and honor in Islam so our families and countries don't hate or harm us (women).

No woman … I repeat, NO WOMAN in Islam’s history has ever been consulted, given her consent, or been asked to vote on whether she wants to wear the hijab or not. She was always told what to do by a bunch of fucking misogynist men, starting from Profit Mo’s time to today’s Muslim families and countries. #FreefromHijab #SayNoToHijab #WomanLifeFreedom #zanzendegiazadi

“I cannot call a woman who covers up out of choice in the West empowered, because the very act of her covering up perpetuates a patriarchal structure that oppresses women globally. It normalises a garment that is used to oppress women, and whose very origin lies in misogyny and rape culture. It is impossible for such a garment to be empowering. That is what we are doing when we normalise hijab as a choice. We are saying, “It is possible to choose and celebrate this symbol that is used to dehumanise women across the globe because it makes some women feel comfortable.” We aren’t taking a stand for those women who face the very worst, and we’re throwing them under the bus.”

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