This is just a peak into the dark legacy of Muhammad, “the miraculous, last and legit Prophet in Islam,” as per Muslims. Mo was a man once oppressed as an orphaned child, and went on to be a typical narcissistic, misogynistic and homophobic man of the 7th century who oppressed and subjugated others to believe in his God, his faith, his ways as the “right” ones.

He made it ok to join Islam but questioning, deconstructing or leaving may result in death. He also made it ok for men to continue patriarchal leadership in families and countries, and gave men the power to control, own and make decisions for everyone, especially on behalf of women and LGBTQ.

It’s his 1,452nd birthday this weekend, but in all honesty, his birthday is a triggering reminder of the trauma and harm that Mo, his cult and beliefs continue to inflict on those of us who don’t believe or follow Islam.

So not worth attending! 😂