Pedophilia is readily accepted in Islam and girls and women just become baby making machines owned and operate by Muslim men. ☹️

This is also perhaps why Islam is the fastest growing religion.  Instead of young Muslim girls getting an education and working, they’re indoctrinated from a very young age to believe their only goals in life are to get married young, have babies and be a caregiver for life. On the other hand, Muslim boys and men are taught that marrying girls as young as 6 or 16 is ok because Allah said so and Mo did so. 🙄

Haram Doodle: Pedophilia is accepted in Islam

Muslim Man: Brozzer! Our beloved Prophet respected Aisha. He even played with her... uff, imagine how much he must have loved her?
ExMuslim Atheist: Yikes! Wait, so Mo legtimized pedophilia and you think this is a good thing in Islam?
Muslim Man: No Brozzer! Her parents must agree first... so it is actually Sunnah. She can have lots of kids for you and grow our Muslim population! Our prophet was a genius!
ExMuslim Atheist: No Bro... wtf? Pedophilia is not ok! We are not living in the 7th century anymore!