No one should fear for their life, identity, dignity, safety, security, and belonging just because they question or leave Islam (or any religion).

Haram Doodle: What Muslims Fear vs. What Exmuslims Fear

What Muslims Feart | Hell and hell fire, satan and jinns, punishment for sins, death, pigs, alcohol, dating or pre-martial sex, anal sex and period sex, missing prayers or fasts, polytheism and atheism, leaving Islam and apostasy, questioning Islam, feminism and gender equity, gender and sexual fluidity, menstruation, infertility, divorce and Allah (god)

What ExMuslims Fear | Coming out as ExMuslim or Atheist, someone finding out we're ExMuslim or atheist, safety and security, lack of support, losing relationships, forced conversions, being ostracized, shamed, excluded, abused, tortured, persecuted or killed by our own family, friends, communities, vigilantes and governments.