So tired of hearing this apologist nonsense by “Muslim Feminists” 🙄

Who created Islam? A 7th century man.
Who put the Quran together? A bunch of men.
Number of chapters in Quran on women? One, for men on how to deal with women.
How does the Quran address women? “Your women” “Your wives” “Your mothers, daughters, sisters” .. for men.
Who can marry 4 people? Men.
Who gets hoors in heaven? Men.
Hadith? Collected and curated by men.
Prophets? Men.
Caliphs? Men.
Imams? Men.
Jurists? Men.
Scholars? Men.
Islamic councils? Men.
Islamic governments? Men.
Muslim leaders? Men.
I could go on and on.

Please tell me how is Islam feminist again?

Haram Doodle: Islam is Not Feminist

“Muslim Feminist” - Islam is like the most feminist religion! It literally gave women their rights, honor, freedom and equality back in the 7th century!!
ExMuslim Feminist - Sigh. No.