I hope for a world where each one of us is able to freely reflect, question, deconstruct, criticize, analyze, reform, change, protest and/or leave a 7th century religion like Islam or any religion for the hate and harm it causes without experiencing hate or harm.

Haram Doodles: Honest Taglines for Islam

1: Islam - Enter only. Questioning or leaving strictly prohibited.
2: Islam - Submit or leave at own risk!
3: Islam - Come for the patriarchy. Stay for the misogyny!
4: Islam - Heterosexual Cisgender people only! Men must accompany women.
5: Islam - Deny everything. Blame it all on culture!
6: Islam - Proudly made by men for men. Sorry not sorry women & LGBTQ+.
7: Islam - Atheists & NonMuslims keep out!
8: Islam - No common sense or logic allowed!
9: Islam - Join now… 72 houris in heaven guaranteed! (Men only)
10: Islam - Believe or else!