I honestly never knew I’d be doodling one day as an ExMuslim Atheist after years of my artistic hobbies being squashed by Islamic beliefs. But now, I’ll continue doodling to echo the experiences and voices of ExMuslims and people fighting for change in Islam, Muslim countries, and even small-scale change in our own families. Thank you for following, your support, love and words of encouragement! Means the world and beyond to me! ♥️

There’s serious fear & discouragement in Islam of drawing living beings, because, as the beliefs go, it’s recreating Allah’s creation and people may end up worshipping the artwork instead of Allah, which is considered a grave sin in Islam. Obviously, this 7th century belief goes back to when Mo and his Muslim-Supremacist-Posse were trying to manspread Islam and mansplain the belief in one “true” God, Allah, by oppressing people who believed in their idols and Gods. It’s 2022 and this belief continues to affect our personal lives, where Muslim parents stop creativity and imagination, and our society at large, when Muslims can get so offended by drawings of Mo, that they’d be willing to attack and kill someone over it.

Haram Doodle: Bye Allah, Hello Haram Doodles!

Growing Up Muslim | My mother: Do you want Allah to punish you for drawing faces and people? You will find out when he sends you to hell for not listening! Now go pray and read the Quran. Enough of this useless art!

Me: Wtf Islam? Even drawing is Haram?

20+ Years Later As An ExMuslim | Me: Bye Allah! Hello Haram Doodles!