I’m an ExMuslim because I wished I was never born a girl in a Muslim family. My education felt like a joke.

Muslim girls and women are held back from their full and true potential because of deep-rooted patriarchal culture, sexism, misogyny and gender bias in Islam. Muslim parents place unimaginable controls on girls and women in the name of their and God’s honor and take away their rights, choices, freedoms and opportunities to be their own, autonomous, self-aware individuals. Girls and women growing up in Muslim families are treated like a keepsake/property to be protected until their ownership can be transferred to another man, another family she marries. Her education is not as important as her brother’s, seen as a burden or often used as a useful bargaining chip for parents to get better marriage prospects. And, sometimes their right to education is taken away entirely and they’re married off at young, vulnerable ages, a horrible, parent-approved, pedophilic practice accepted in Islam.

Haram Doodle: A Muslim Girl's Education Means Nothing

Muslim Mom: You can work, study or travel if your husband lets you. Hurry up and finish your college so we can find you a good Muslim man from a well-to-do, respectable family to marry. Until then, you better not do or say anything that dishonors us or Allah. Now enough studying! Go pray and then come help me in the kitchen.

Muslim Girl: Does my education mean nothing? I wish I was never born a girl in a Muslim family!